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Styles Of Wood Fencing

Nothing beats a classic, All-American wooden fence. They look great around residential houses, but you can also add one around your commercial building if you want to add a more comforting aesthetic. There are several types of fences you should highly consider.

Spaced Picket Fences

This is fencing where wooden pickets are held together, but there are noticeable spaces between each one. It works exceptionally well with vintage houses. You can also install one around your pool, or for having a little area specifically designated for your doggie.

Solid Board Fences

This fencing has wooden boards, but they are all kept directly next to each other. There are no spaces with this variation. It looks great and adds a sense of security and privacy around the property.

Lattice Top Fences

This type is similar to a solid board fence, but the top has a lattice. This is a decorative structure that accents the entire piece. For a fence that will complement your old home beautifully, this is a great option. However, there are plenty of other variations, including:
  • Stockade
  • Basketweave
  • Slip board
  • Split rail
  • English hurdle
Look at pictures of each type to see which one catches your fancy. Once you have determined what you like best, call Palmetto Fence Co. in Charleston at 843-552-4500 to check out all of the latest styles we have to offer.