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Attractive Ideas for Illuminating Your Fence

Fence Illumination

You may want to illuminate your fence to provide a sense of safety. Perhaps you don't have any nearby streetlamps, making your yard dark, or you simply want an illuminated fence to fit with your landscape lighting. Whatever the reason, you've decided to add lighting to your fencing.

Try one of the attractive ideas below for illuminating your fence.

Illuminated Post Caps

Because fence posts are installed at regular intervals around the perimeter of your yard, they are ideal as spots of illumination. Indeed, manufacturers have created products just for lighting up fence or deck rail posts.

One option is the post cap light. These are LED lights that are part of the decorative cap of your fence posts. Typically, you replace your standard cap with one of the illuminating models. They come in several different cap styles, and even the glass can be decorative.

Other Post Illumination Techniques

Depending on the height of your fence, illuminating the tops of the posts may not make sense. In that case, you may prefer post accent lights. These are installed somewhere along the height of the post - you get to choose where it makes most sense. Like post cap lights, post accent lights come in different decorative styles.

The other most common method of illuminating the posts themselves is with landscape lighting placed at the foundation of the post. Contractors install a light fixture in the ground near the post and train it up. As the light goes up, it often spans out. This effect creates an attractive pool of light that can also encompass the nearby parts of your fence or any nearby landscaping.

Gate Post Lighting

One of the especially necessary areas for adding illumination is the gate entry. You need to be able to navigate this transitional space. If it's the walkway entry, adequate lighting is especially important. However, even if you're motoring up to your driveway with car lights on, you want to be able to locate it easily.

The above-post illumination ideas work well for gate entries, too. However, some homeowners get even more decorative. For instance, in lieu of post cap lights, they might top the posts with actual lanterns. Likewise, they often use more elaborate light fixtures for post accent lights, too. Standalone post lanterns installed on either side of the entry is another attractive lighting option.

Landscape Lighting and Fencing

As noted, your fence lighting should be cohesive with the rest of your landscape lighting. Indeed, illuminating your fence should be part of an overall landscape lighting plan. Besides uplighting, you have several different options to highlight the beauty of your fence.

If you want to keep the lighting subtle, consider moonlighting. With this technique, contractors place lights in a nearby tree and train them down. The light creates a gentle pool of illumination similar to moonlight - hence, the name. This effect is ideal for gently illuminating large portions of your fence.

Many homeowners landscape at the base of the fence itself.  If you have such landscaping, you could try the grazing technique for lighting. Contractors place uplights at the base of your plants. When illuminated, the plants are lit up. However, their shadows are displayed against the body of the fence, creating texture on the flat surface. This technique is ideal for privacy fencing.

String Lights

One of the classic ways for illuminating a fence is with string lights. Such a method might not be the most practical, but it does create a welcoming atmosphere in your backyard. The most obvious way to illuminate the fence with string lights is to simply string them along from post to post. However, you can also wind them around the top rail for more compact lighting.

Don't let your fence stay in the dark. Incorporate attractive fence illumination techniques into your overall landscape lighting plans. Let Palmetto Fence Co. help you with the actual fencing, and then light up your beautiful new border.