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Attractive Fence Ideas for Large Dogs

Metal Fence
Large dogs are usually over two feet tall at the shoulders and heavier than 55 pounds. No matter the size, if you have large dogs, you want to keep them in your yard. With the size of the dog comes different requirements for keeping them fenced in. As you can imagine, the bigger the dog, the taller the fence must be - six feet is a good height.
That said, fencing is an investment of both money and curb appeal. You don't want to sacrifice either one just to contain your pooch. Below are some fence ideas that are big and durable enough for large dogs but still an attractive complement to your house.

Chain Link with Wooden Frames

Chain link is a common fencing option for large dogs. Chain link is ideal because large dog paws generally can't fit into the link, so your dog can't clamber over the fence. That said, if you do have an industrious dog, you might consider choosing a narrow link.
Many homeowners like to upgrade the appearance of a chain link fence by switching out the metal posts for wooden ones. Wood is an upscale fencing material that you can also customize with painting or staining. If you want to further customize your wooden posts, look into the different styles of post caps. You can find elaborate styles that will give you fence character.
In addition to the wood posts, you can choose baseboards and rails for the bottom and top of the fence, which gives the chain link a framed appearance. What's more, the framing adds stability to the fence, so your tall dog can't push the top of the chain link down. That said, make sure the frame is set so it doesn't provide a foothold for your dog.

Ornamental Metal with Straight Pickets

Another metal option for your fencing is ornamental iron. These fences can be of steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. Wrought iron is the traditional material, but it's also the costliest. Aluminum isn't quite as sturdy as steel, which does a good job of replicating both the look and durability of traditional iron.
For the style of your ornamental metal fence, you actually want to choose a simple construction for the panels. The pickets should be straight so that dog paws can't climb them - the more elaborate styles might give your dog footholds. The pickets should be spaced wide enough for your dogs to see but narrow enough to keep their heads out.
You can add some style with the rails and finials. You see rails with circles, curly-cues, leaves, and other elaborate adornments. The finials likewise come in a wide range of styles, from simple spears to intricate fleurs-de-lis. Pointed finials will do a good job of preventing your dogs from climbing over the fence.

Brick Fence with Pierced Screen

A brick fence is a sturdy choice that prevents any dog from pushing through. Generally, brick fences are also difficult for even big dogs to climb. A high-end material, brick also conveys a chic air to your yard. 
You probably don't want a wall of brick surrounding your house. What's more, if your dogs can't see what's going on outside their yard, they're more prone to boredom - and the resultant damaging behavior. To that end, consider a brick fence with a pierced screen.
To make the pierced screen, bricklayers use one of the bond patterns, such as running or Flemish. The pattern features staggered bricks stacked on top of each other. To create the piercing effect, the bricklayers omit alternating bricks to create a woven look with holes. The holes allow for airflow and the perusal of your dogs to the comings and goings of the neighborhood.
Choose a fence that will both contain your big dogs while adding curb appeal to your house. Let the experts at Palmetto Fence Co. provide for all your fencing needs.