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5 Ways to Combine Chain Link and Wood Fencing

Chain Link Fence
Chain link fencing remains one of the most popular fencing options. The fencing is very low maintenance but highly durable. That said, not all homeowners want the industrial look of a chain link fence. This is where wood comes in. When you combine chain link with wood, you can get a number of different effects. Try one of the mixed material fences below to secure and beautify your yard.

1. Wooden Frames

A common method for upgrading a chain link fence is with wooden frames. In this case, the contractors start with wooden posts instead of the standard metal. They then unroll the chain link fabric between the posts, securing them as appropriate. The final touch is adding a top and bottom rail to complete the frame.
You have many customization options for this style of fencing, including what wood species you choose for the posts and rails. Likewise, you can have the wood stained black to give your fence a modern appeal. If you want to create a special decorative effect, then you can customize your fence's posts and rails.

2. Lattice Panels

Some homeowners choose to put lattice panels along the front of their chain link fences. However, you could also integrate the lattice paneling with the chain link. Such a fence carries several benefits. For one, the lattice panel echoes the pattern of the chain links. For another, you can increase the height of your fence without compromising the view.
The easiest way to achieve this look is starting with a wooden frame construction. The contractors will then attach the lattice panels to the top rail. Another option is to have the contractors alternate the tall lattice paneling with standard-height chain link fencing for a more artistic appearance.

3. Wooden Pickets

You can also combine chain link with wooden pickets as well. As with lattice panels, some homeowners cover the entire chain link fence with panels of picket fencing.
You can create an attractive effect by alternating the two styles. This method works best with a framed chain link fence. For example, the contractors can alternate panel for panel, in a similar fashion to the lattice panels.
In addition, you can also customize your paneling according to your needs. For example, say you want to let more sun through in some areas and create more privacy in other areas. You can target where to put chain link and where to put the picket panels according to these needs.

4. Wooden Slats

Another way homeowners update their chain link fencing is by sliding privacy slats through the openings. While vinyl and aluminum slats are very popular, you can also choose wooden slats. Wooden slats are far less common, which will give your fence a unique appearance.
Typically, such fences also take on a rustic appearance because of the nature of the slats. They're typically comprised of thin, rough strips of wood that you insert between the chain links vertically. Over time, these wooden slats can take on a weathered look. However, they also offer you good privacy and wind control.

5. Split Rails

Split rail fences feature the standard wooden or metal posts with two to three rails attached horizontally in between each post. These fences are attractive in a homey or rustic way. However, while these fences will keep large animals in or out, most domestic animals can crawl between the rails.
Chain link is a game-changer in this scenario. By stretching the mesh along the line of the fence, you omit the gaps through which pets can escape. What's more, you have the same aesthetic options as traditional split rail fences, from the wood species to the color.
Mixed material fences, in this case, metal chain link and wood, are usually very attractive and unique. Contact our team at Palmetto Fence Co. for more ways to combine wood and chain link fencing for your property.