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4 Ways a Broken Fence Hurts

Broken Fence
Your fence provides security for your business, commercial building, or your private home and yard. But what condition is your fence currently? A broken latch or a fence with severely damaged and missing sections can be a liability. Keep in mind that a fence in disrepair is a disservice to you, whether it surrounds a building or your private home. Here are four ways a fence in need of repair can hurt you, your customers, and your family.

1. A Broken Fence Is Not Secure

Because a fence is meant to guard and protect, it is only as good as its weakest point. A fence is no longer secure when entire sections are weak, damaged, or missing entirely. A rotten post, torn sections, and crumbling concrete easily allow the wrong person to gain access.
If you think your fence is stout and strong, think again and go check the access gate and lock. A gate should be impenetrable and the lock or latch secure. Wobbly hardware and loose screws quickly compromise the strength of your entire fence.

2. A Broken Fence Reflects Negatively

Remember the stereotypical little house with a white picket fence? Your fence can enhance the dwelling it surrounds and protects. A tidy, well-cared for fence makes a home appear more attractive and a business seem more dependable. Neatness in a fence and surrounding property is also a symbol of pride of ownership.
Unfortunately, the condition of a fence can also detract from the appearance of the structure it surrounds. An ill-kept fence reflects negatively on the visual appearance of a business and, in turn, on the perceived reliability of that business. A fence can be relatively sound, but a faded, peeling paint job, lingering graffiti, or other signs of deterioration affect surrounding homes as well.

3. A Broken Fence Invites Break-Ins

When a thief scouts an area for potential break-ins, they target weak points in a property. Unlocked doors and windows, broken windows and latches, and unsecured perimeter fences are all key entry points to facilitate their crime.
Your fence invites break-ins when it has missing or broken slats, sagging or torn chain links, and gate latches or hinges weakened by rust. You can eliminate your home or business as an easy target for crime if your fence is strong and secure.

4. A Broken Fence Causes Injury

A weak or broken fence has the potential to cause injury, especially if it has not been properly maintained. In particular, automatic gates around a business or commercial building are more likely to injure people or vehicles that attempt to pass through. A fence on the verge of collapse is ready to fall down during the next storm, which could harm someone passing by.
Additionally, an unstable or wobbly fence is a liability should someone become injured. If you are found liable when someone suffers bodily injury on your property or business, you will be responsible for expenses from that lawsuit.
Fortunately, you can avoid these and other fence problems when you have your fence and gate inspected and repaired. Sometimes all your fence needs is a new gate lock or hardware to make it more secure. You can easily repair vinyl and wood fence sections when you swap out damaged or missing slats with new ones.
If a fence is just too old or broken for repair, it might be time to invest in a new fence for your property, home, or business. We at Palmetto Fence Co have a range of fence styles to enhance the beauty of your home, protect your business, and secure your property. Contact us and find out more about what our fences can do for you.