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4 Fencing Upgrades for Farm Security

Farm Fence
Owning a sustainable and profitable farm means having suitable fencing and security. Sometimes fencing and security measures go hand in hand. This is especially true when you have areas of your farm that you want to limit access due to storage and costly equipment storage. If you are considering fencing upgrades for your farm that provide added security and reduced access by non-employees, consider these four options.

1. Swipe Card Entry Gates

A swipe card entry gate system is ideal if you have several employees that will be accessing various parts of the farm. The programming abilities of the cards and the ease of setting them up and deactivating them if necessary makes this system easy and secure. Each card can be programmed and personalized to the person receiving and using that card.
One of the security benefits to the card entry gate system is the ability to program the card to access certain gates and not others. You can also deactivate a car with a few steps in the security software or by the security company. This can be done quickly to avoid security issues if cards are lost, stolen, or if an employee quits.

2. Timed Rolling Gate

You may have a secure fence line already, but the issue is with the gate. If you want a security option for your gates around the farm property, a timed rolling gate may be an ideal upgrade. The rolling gate system can work with pre-existing systems such as keypad entry security system. The movement of the gates is a simple left-to-right or right-to-left rolling movement.
When you have the rolling gates installed, they will be programmed to open and close within a specific time frame. For example, if you have a keypad entry in place, the gate will open when the correct code is entered. The gate will remain open for a set duration of time and then will close. This helps prevent security risks related to multiple cars entering the farm area without permission.

3. Camera-Operated Systems

You may want to have someone monitoring the coming and going of your farm. This can be especially true when you are having an open house of some kind or a gathering where a security code or card system will not work. In these cases, a camera operated system may be an ideal option.
These types of system can operate with a camera that is either electrically powered or solar powered. The camera is at the gate and sends a feed to a monitor located within a nearby building or small office. Security can monitor the cars entering, record them if necessary, or grab a still image of the tag if necessary.

4. Electrical Fencing

A security fencing upgrade you may want to consider is electrical fencing. This type of fencing can be used in various ways throughout the farm. For example, you may want to have electric fencing installed around animal habitats. If the animal approaches the fence and tries to get through the fencing, they will receive a small shock. This shock will cause them to move away from the fencing.
The electrical fencing can also be used around entry areas. If someone tries to the scale the fence or break into the fence, an electrical shock will be given. You can also have the system set up to shut down if too many attempts are made to gain entry with the wrong code or card swipe.
When you have decided the type of security upgrades you want for your farm, contact Palmetto Fence Co. We can help you with pricing, options, and questions you may have about specific security issues for your farm. We can also help with residential areas of your farm, such as your personal home and garage fencing entrances.